GSW2 Plus 2G/3G GPRS Gateway


  • Set up all features using an unique and simple SMS – text messages or PC program
  • Up to 200 users can open an entrance with a free call by Caller ID
  • Unique future proof connectivity and integration features: RS 485,
  • USB, WEB programming
  • 1.000 Event log entries with timestamps – find out who accessed by phone and when
  • Wiegand 26/72 input & output and other optional features like RF module, temp. sensor, …
  • NEW F-OTA function – Upgrade FW of the device Over The Air
  • IQRF module built
Fit in:

  • Home and Office
  • Small Hotels and Guest Houses
  • Airbnb Electronic Key
  • Greenhouses
  • Temperature Management
  • Different Automation Control